We are a Namibian insurance company which obtained both a short-term insurance and a long-term insurance license in 2000 and 2006 respectively.  The registered companies Trustco Insurance Limited and Trustco Life Limited both offer and underwrite a diversified range of risks.

Trustco Insurance Limited has since June 2000 been the leading legal Insurer in Namibia and still is today.  Legal Shield provides quality legal insurance at an affordable premium, ensuring that all Namibians can afford to access their constitutional right to legal representation.  The Insurer employs qualified legal consultants to assist its members and a panel of external admitted legal practitioners ensures that members receive quality legal advice and representation.

With the recently launched Next Generation Legal Shield, members and prospective members can now choose from a variety of optional additional benefits.  These benefits include cover against funeral costs, dread disease, hospitalization and loss of income due to illness.  The member can now cherry pick their ideal product at an affordable premium.  A further innovation is the introduction of the Nawa Bonus on the Next Generation Legal Shield product.  This is a paid up bonus available even if members submit claims, a first for Namibia.  All short-term insurance products also include a free funeral benefit for the main member and their spouse.

In 2010 Trustco Insurance saw the need to assist Small to Medium sized Enterprises with labour law related issues which culminated in the introduction of the Business Shield product. Business Shield allows the business owner time to focus on the development and growth of the enterprise without having to divert resources to deal with labour related issues. This product also offers a free funeral benefit for each employee and assists the owner with debt collection.