Business Shield provides protection against legal costs incurred during labour and legal proceedings instituted by or against your business. This innovative product is underwritten by Trustco Insurance Limited providing the entrepreneur to concentrate on their business as opposed to labour and/ or legal disputes.

The product offers the provision of a labour consultant to take care of disciplinary hearings and to represent the insured business during conciliation and arbitration proceedings.

If the need arises, a legal practitioner will be appointed to argue appeals in the Labour Court.

Civil proceedings by or against your business in a Civil Court of Law of first instance as well as an Appeal from the aforementioned Court of first instance will be attended to by a legal practitioner appointed by the insurer and subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

Business Shield policy holders will have access to a sophisticated yet user friendly back office which will facilitate access to all the labour documents the insured business may ever need. A free funeral benefit for employees is also included.

Who is covered?

Any form of business, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, close corporations, companies and non-profit organisations that are registered in accordance with the applicable laws.


  • Advice on all labour related matters;
  • Provision of all employment contracts, policies, procedures and codes,
  • Provision of all documents and process relating to disciplinary hearings,
  • Representation during conciliation and arbitration proceedings,
  • Appeals to the Labour Court,
  • Civil proceedings in a Civil Court of Law of first instances,
  • Appeals from a civil Court of first instance,
  • Debt Collection
  • Free Funeral benefit for all registered employees

How do I claim?

Submit a claim form within 30 days of the occurrence of an event together with all relevant documentation pertaining to the related matter to the nearest Trustco Insurance office.

Once I have claimed, what happens next?

The claim will be assessed and after approval thereof, the case will be referred to a specialised labour consultant or legal practitioner  for further action.