Bursary recipients 2024

Legal Shield awards bursaries to deserving students

Touching on the importance of setting goals for success in one’s personal and professional life, as well your academic tenure, Kevin Anderson, COO of Trustco Insurance’s legal department personally awarded the students with their bursaries.

“Grasp the opportunities that you have been given. Get the solid grounding together with a balanced approach that will only stand you in good stead to be a valuable member of the legal community in the future,” Anderson advised the bursary recipients.

Third year student Karel Gaeb explained that he would like to help those in need one day, as Legal Shield has helped him. “Coming from a society where most of the people, whom we refer to as the uneducated, do not get adequate access to justice or no access at all, I saw a need to get involved in this esteemed profession in order to make the law accessible for all,” Gaeb said.

August Nuunyango, a third year LLB student felt that words could not express her gratitude. “I am deeply honoured that a highly prestigious and esteemed company like Trustco Insurance and namely Legal Shield believe in the dreams I carry with myself,” Nuunyango expressed.

A witty Pius Iikwambi, in his final year LLB studies elicited reaction from the crowd with his sharp sense of character, already exhibiting a great lawyer skills. “I foresee myself chasing after my dreams, doing what I love to do, to the best of my abilities, and use my unique talents and occupation to contribute and impact communities meaningfully,” Iikwambi remarked.

Legal Shield has awarded approximately N$750 000 worth of bursaries to students since 2002, a total of 33 bursaries up to date. All recipients are offered employment upon graduation, guaranteeing a prosperous future afterwards.


See here are (Left to right) Donovan Hanmer, Annette Brand, Kevin Anderson and Paulo Coelho. The 2016 Bursary recipients (Centre) are Karel Gaeb, Auguste Nuunyango and Pius Ikwambi.